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Cooper is a freelance audio engineer and producer, based out of The Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR. In which he operates his own studio, Studio C. He has been a part of The Hallowed Halls since it's inception. Having helped build the studio, he has an intimate knowledge of each room in the building. Coming from a background in composition, and production, Cooper works in many genres from Electronic; producing RnB, Hip Hop, and EDM, to Acoustic Folk recording solo piano, and singer songwriters. Being a constant music writer and producer himself he is able to coach and work with the artists in a way that really brings their music to life. In the studio setting he works to provide the artist with a balance of comfort and professionalism to deliver the sound they hear in their head. 


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Hanuman Project Live at The Hallowed Halls    -   Recording Engineer

Kat Hamilton    -    Assistant Recording Engineer

Jorja Smith    -    Assistant Recording Engineer

Paul Gilbert  -  KONTRA Theme Song    -    Guitar Recording Engineer

Paul Gilbert  -  Under The Sea (Guitar Cover)    -    Guitar Recording Engineer

Nahko  -   My Name Is Bear   -    Trumpet/Flugel Horn Recording Engineer

Sallie Ford -  Ford Truck commercial  - Recording Engineer

Worth  -  Pardon Me   -  Additional Recording

1000 Fuegos   -  30503  -  Recording Engineer

Brother Not Brother  -  Ebs and Flows (Single)  -   Mixing Engineer

Danielle Slay -  Religion (Single)  -    Vocal Recording / Mixing Engineer

Fat Kitten -  Goodbye To Something (Single)  -    Mixing Engineer

B-Side Book Club  -  Debut EP    -    Recording / Mixing Engineer

Jaskaran - Sings Glorious Praises - Recording / Mixing Engineer

The Pitchfork Revolution  -     Recording Engineer

 Nathan Asher  -  Last Christmas George Michael Died  -   Music written and

produced | Recording / Mixing Engineer

Mika Moon Musical Messenger -  Debut Album  -  Recording Engineer

Claudia Cuentes -   Recording Engineer

Kat Macmillan - Single - Recording Engineer 

The Hill Dogs   -     Additional Recording

Rejuv At Work  -  Voice Over  Recording Engineer

Jaime Karp  -  Recording Engineer

Nicole Rose  -  Love Is Dead (single)  -  Produced, Recording / Mixing Engineer

Sleepwalker  -  EP  -  Additional Recording

Ukeladies  - Steve Knight -  Sail Away (single)  - Additional Recording

Max Ribner - Live at The Hallowed Halls  -  Assistant Recording engineer


The Hallowed Halls 

4420 SE 64Th AVE

Portland Or, 



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From full bands to solo artists anything and everything can be recorded. Whether it's upstairs in The Hallowed halls spacious studio A, or downstairs in the production based Studio C. With a passion for vocals and vocal production, Cooper is the perfect engineer to perfect that sound you've been looking for with. 

Recorded Live in Studio A

Recorded Live in Studio A

Festival Song

Recorded Live in Studio A

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